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Imminence (again)

By Jason Ralph Last week’s release of the 7 May 2004 report of the CIA Inspector General gives reason to revisit the question of imminence which I have raised in previous posts.  There is a section in the report on … Continue reading

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Focus on CIA misconduct (as opposed to OLC advice)

By Jason Ralph Last week’s developments give some indication of how the US may seek to resolve the dilemma of whether and who to prosecute.  The dilemma of course is that if a prosecutor targets CIA interrogators they will claim … Continue reading

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A shift back to law enforcement? No – HIG

By Jason Ralph Meanwhile the Washington Post reports Obama’s solution to the interrogation question: create a new agency within the already complex national security infrastructure.  Interrogation of HVDs is being taken from the CIA and given over “to the High-Value Detainee … Continue reading

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Prosecutions likely

By Jason Ralph The NYT reports today that Office of Professional Responsibility is recommending prosecutions in nearly a dozen prisoner abuse cases.  It appears these involve abuse at Abu Graib and Afghanistan and do not relate to the extraordinary rendition cases.  … Continue reading

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Norm regress in other states (future project)

By Jason Ralph While this is beyond the scope of the current project it occurs to me that there is some interesting research to be done on the impact US policy has had on the detention and interrogation policies of those states … Continue reading

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Important week ahead

By Jason Ralph The New York Times reports today a change in Pentagon policy on detention.  It will now be “notifying the International Committee of the Red Cross of the identities of militants who were being held in secret at … Continue reading

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Notice of workshops

By Jason Ralph I will be speaking at two workshops in the new academic year.  The first is organised by Nicola Smith at Birmingham, details are here; and the second is at Leeds but this is organised with Michelle Pace, … Continue reading

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