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Kenneth Anderson on the US understanding of humanitarian intervention

In the meantime, Kenneth Anderson over at Opinio Juris posted an interesting and thorough comment on the US stance towards humanitarian intervention within the context of the R2P doctrine. He also explains why President Obama’s Oslo speech may be seen … Continue reading

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Obama’s realist idealism on the use of force

Dominika Švarc In contrast with the traditionally pacifist tone of the Nobel Peace Prize lectures, yesterday’s acceptance speech by President Obama started by a shockingly clear recognition that this year’s prize went into the hands of a war president, »the … Continue reading

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Military Commissions 3.0 show little signs of improvement in practice

Dominika Svarc While Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other alleged 9/11 conspirators will finally be tried in a Manhattan district court, following the Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision last month, some other terrorist suspects will still have to face the military … Continue reading

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New publication

Jason Ralph I just found out from the publishers that the Wroe and Herbert collection on the Bush Presidency is now out.  If anyone is interested I contributed the chapter on foreign policy.  Happy to read your thoughts here.

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Biopolitics GTMO and targeted killings

Jason Ralph Nick Vaughan-Williams is to be congratulated for his article ‘The generalised bio-political border? Reconceptualising the limits of sovereign power’, which appears in the latest issue of Review of International Studies.  I usually approach articles with ‘biopolitics’ in the … Continue reading

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